Service Manager Telephony Integration (SMTI) is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Service Manager allowing you to bridge a gap in your ITSM processes thus ensuring your service offerings are optimal and personal. SMTI creates the link between your Microsoft System Center Service Manager, the soft phone system and call center operators computer. This connectivity makes it possible to identify the callers automatically and presents the call center operator with the customer’s incidents history and status allowing an instant response to basic incident queries and follow up calls.  
SMTI 3.0 is the third generation for Microsoft System Center Service Manager Telephony integration utility. SMTI 3.0 offers new additional features and functions to make the daily tasks support analysts perform straight forward, easier and much faster all in a user friendly interface.
In Addition to the support for incidents in the earlier versions, this release supports Service Requests. you can now view adn create service requests directly from SMTI 3.0. 
SMTI allows support center staff to off a personalized and timely service and enables organizations to improve customer satisfaction, reduce average call times, reduce costs, boost productivity, increase the profitability, and above all deliver a superior customer experience.

SMTI Features

  • Integrates your soft phone and System Center Service Manager.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Lync seamlessly
  • Supports any soft phone telephony system capable of Application integration. 
  • Uses caller Identity information to populate operator’s display and provide incident and service request related data.
  • Update analyst comments on the fly.

SMTI Gallery

SMTI Timeline
Aug  1,2014 - SMTI 3.0 Released
May  5,2014 - SMTI 3.0 Release (beta testers only)
Jan 15,2014 - SMTI Terminal Server Edition released
May  7, 2013 - SMTI 2.1 released
Jan 19,2013 - SMTI  Adds support for PT-BR (Portugese - Brazil)
Nov  1, 2012 - SMTI 2.0 is now available. 

What's new in SMTI V3.0?

    • Service Requests (Create from template and View)
    • Add incident or Service request comment logs on the fly
    • Self-Assign Incidents
    • Open incident as Resolved
SMTI Open incidents View
SMTI - Open Incidents View
SMTI - Open Requests View
SMTI-Open Service requests View
SMTI - open incident as resolved
SMTI - Open Incident as Resolved
SMTI - Service Request Templates
SMTI - Service Request Templates
SMTI - Create Service Request
SMTI - Create Service Request