The second generation SMTrak is out!
With a new look and complete new engine, the new SMTrak version delivers a complete new insight into  your SCSM data  with great performance.
What is new with 2.0.4? (Sept 5, 2016)
  • KPIs for incident distribution per office, department and country.
  • Backup and restore SMTI Configuration
  • Performance enhancements

SMTrak Features

  • Simple Installation and configuration
  • My Snapshot page showing logged in user workload
  • My Team Snapshot shows support team(s) and Individual team members real time workloads
  • Work Load Full drill down
  • Custom Classification displays
  • Page display optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Active Directory Integration
  • ITIL processes visualization and measurement
  • Speaks your Language easily with the Multi language feature.

What is SMTrak?

SMTrak is the only enterprise ready reporting tool for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012. SMTrack provides, out of the box, a full range view of your Service Desk operation. SMTrak provides the persistent visibility every Support manager requires to ensure smooth operation.

With its ability to visualize both historic as well as real time data, SMTrak helps support managers identify problematic spots in the Service Desk processes and performance.The numerous charts, metrics and analytics provided with SMTrak allow instant visualization and identification of deficiency areas or breaches in service desk processes.

SMTrak is easy to implement and use. it will up and running in minutes to give you a 360 degree view into you support center activities.

Furthermore, SMTrak provides customizable filters for all components allowing users to view information, reports or charts from different perspectives to meet the most demanding requirements.

SMTrak dashboards present various ITIL key metrics and business analytics  support executives and analysts require for monitoring performance of service desk operations. In addition to the key metrics, SMTrak provides you with timeline reports for open incident requests. such reports are useful to follow service requests volumes and identify trends thus making your forecasts easier and more accurate.

With SMTrak, you can easily identify bottlenecks to help you reduce time to resolution and meet your Service Level Agreements and make a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction.